3-D Imaging (CBCT)

What is a CBCT and how does it help with my treatment?

3-D imaging, also known as Cone-Bean Computer Tomography or CBCT, is an exciting technology that has helped Endodontists significantly advance our diagnosis and treatment.

 Essentially it is an imaging machine that gives you a 3 dimensional picture of your tooth. This is used in dentistry for diagnosing and treatment planning purposes. CT technology has been around since the 1970’s. The earliest CT models were expensive, had high radiation doses and were hard to use. Over the past 20 years with the advent of the CBCT, that technology has made this imaging unit more practical for use in the dental setting.

Now Endodontists can evaluate the root canal morphology and see other subtle changes in the root canal system in 3 dimensions. Studies clearly show that 2 dimensional imaging like digital or film based X Rays cannot accurately depict the full 3D representation of teeth and supporting structures. As the saying goes, “if you can’t see it you can’t treat it.”

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At Compassion Endodontics, we have the latest CBCT unit.  It is arguably the best CBCT imaging unit for diagnosing and treatment planning in endodontics.  Using the smallest voxel size on the market, we are able to make images with the highest spatial resolution.  This means that we can see subtle anatomy in the root canal system, things like cracks, fractures and extra canals, in order to better diagnose and treat the problem.

In summary, CBCT imaging is a safe and effective way to gain valuable anatomical and diagnostic information to quickly and effectively treat the problem.